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1st Generation

1. Georg KOLBE born c1625, died before 1678, married c1650 Rosina UNKNOWN born c1620.
1.1. Johann KOLBE

2nd Generation

1.1. Johann KOLBE born 1652, buried 14 April 1722 Röwersdorf, married c1675 Rosina UNKNOWN born 1656, buried 20 June 1727 Röwersdorf.
1.1.1. Heinrich KOLBE
1.1.2. Georg KOLBE
1.1.3. Maria KOLBE
1.1.4. Johann KOLBE

Röwersdorf church, 2007
Röwersdorf church, 2010
Röwersdorf cemetery, 2007
Johannes von Nepomuk, 2010

3rd Generation

1.1.1. Heinrich KOLBE born 1678, buried 11 August 1747 Röwersdorf, married 4 February 1703 in Röwersdorf Maria KRAWUTSCHKE (daughter of Georg KRAWUTSCHKE and Susanna UNKNOWN) born c1680 in Röwersdorf, buried 22 June1735 Röwersdorf.
Children: Andreas KOLBE Elisabeth KOLBE Michael KOLBE Georg KOLBE Rosina KOLBE Marina KOLBE Gottfried KOLBE Susanna KOLBE

1.1.2. Georg KOLBE born c1686, married 2 May 1709 Röwersdorf Maria FILIPENS (daughter of Adam FILIPENS) born 1693 Raase, buried 30 March 1744 Röwersdorf.
Children: Rosina KOLBE Anton KOLBE

1.1.3. Maria KOLBE baptised 7 May 1688 Röwersdorf.

1.1.4. Johann KOLBE baptised 6 July 1692 Röwersdorf, married 7 September 1716 Röwersdorf Anna SCHMIDT (daughter of Paul SCHMIDT) born Röwersdorf.
Children: Rosina KOLBE Maria KOLBE Johann Heinrich KOLBE Anna KOLBE Anna KOLBE

4th Generation Andreas KOLBE baptised 27 November 1703 Röwersdorf, buried 3 June 1737 Röwersdorf, married 8 November 1729 Röwersdorf Rosina KRAUSE (daughter of Andreas KRAUSE).
Children: Johann KOLBE Anna Rosina KOLBE Andreas KOLBE Elisabeth KOLBE born c1705 Röwersdorf, married 3 October 1725 Röwersdorf Heinrich KRAUSE (son of Tobias KRAUSE and Catharina UNKNOWN) born December 1699 Röwersdorf. Michael KOLBE baptised 26 September 1706 Röwersdorf, married Eva UNKNOWN.
Children: Johann Michael KOLBE Johann Michael KOLBE Johann Heinrich KOLBE Elisabetha KOLBE Georg KOLBE born 1708 Röwersdorf, farmer, buried 6 December 1753 Röwersdorf, married 14 June 1733 Röwersdorf Maria Magdalena SCHWANCKE (daughter of Friedrich SCHWANCKE and Anna Rosina UNKNOWN) baptised 24 January 1713 Röwersdorf.
Children: Johann Georg KOLBE Johann Christoff KOLBE Anton KOLBE Johann Christoff KOLBE Johann Joseph KOLBE Johann Michael KOLBE Eva Rosina KOLBE Johann Georg KOLBE Johann Andreas KOLBE Maria Magdalena KOLBE Rosina KOLBE baptised 20 December 1711 Röwersdorf, married 27 January 1739 Röwersdorf Johann Georg RAUER (son of Elias RAUER) died before 1777. Marina KOLBE baptised 27 September 1714 Röwersdorf. Gottfried KOLBE baptised 29 December 1716 Röwersdorf, died before 1764, married 24 October 1741 Liebenthal Anna Rosina GROSS (daughter of Johann GROSS) born Liebenthal.
Children: Johann Franz KOLBE Johann Josef KOLBE Johann Heinrich Zacharius KOLBE Theofil KOLBE Eva Rosina KOLBE Susanna KOLBE baptised 23 July 1719 Röwersdorf. Rosina KOLBE born c1708 Röwersdorf. Anton KOLBE baptised 29 May 1719 Röwersdorf, buried 15 March 1731 Röwersdorf. Rosina KOLBE baptised 3 February 1718 Röwersdorf, married 7 February 1741 Röwersdorf Johann ATZLER (son of Daniel ATZLER and UNKNOWN UNKNOWN). Maria KOLBE baptised 2 September 1718 Röwersdorf. Johann Heinrich KOLBE baptised 9 March 1721 Röwersdorf. Anna KOLBE baptised 11 January 1724 Röwersdorf. Anna KOLBE baptised 24 June1728 Röwersdorf.

5th Generation Johann KOLBE baptised 19 April1731 Röwersdorf. Anna Rosina KOLBE baptised 13 February 1733 Röwersdorf, married 20 November 1759 Röwersdorf Anton KREIS (son of Heinrich KREIS). Andreas KOLBE baptised 4 November 1735 Röwersdorf, married 31 July 1764 Röwersdorf Anna Maria UNKNOWN. Johann Michael KOLBE October 1732 Röwersdorf, buried 30 December 1732 Röwersdorf. Johann Michael KOLBE baptised 14 August 1738 Röwersdorf, buried 26 February 1809 Röwersdorf, married 1st 28 May 1764 Röwersdorf Eva DAUMANN (daughter of Heinrich DAUMANN) born Röwersdorf, died c1783, married 2nd c1783 Catharina UNKNOWN.
Children of Johann Michael KOLBE and Eva DAUMANN: Johann Michael KOLBE Michael KOLBE (son) KOLBE Maria Josepha KOLBE Franz Joseph KOLBE Maria Josepha KOLBE Johann Anton KOLBE
Children of Johann Michael KOLBE and Catharina UNKNOWN: Johann Michael KOLBE Johann Joseph KOLBE Josepha KOLBE Johann Heinrich KOLBE born c1740, married 19 January 1762 Röwersdorf Maria Elisabetha UNKNOWN. Elisabetha KOLBE born c1743, married 20 November 1763 Röwersdorf Johann Michael POLCKE (son of Heinrich POLCKE) born Reichelsdorf. Johann Georg KOLBE baptised 13 April1734 Röwersdorf, buried 28 June1737 Röwersdorf. Johann Christoff KOLBE baptised 2 December 1735 Röwersdorf, buried 8 March 1737 Röwersdorf. Anton KOLBE born 1735 Röwersdorf, buried 10 March 1737 Röwersdorf. Johann Christoff KOLBE born December 1737 Röwersdorf, buried 5 June1739 Röwersdorf. Johann Joseph KOLBE born c1740 Röwersdorf, died before 1785 Röwersdorf, married 1st 8 November 1768 Liebenthal Maria Theresia BILTZER (daughter of Anton BILTZER) born Liebenthal, buried 8 May 1776 Röwersdorf, married 2nd 4 April 1777 Röwersdorf (Eva) Rosina CLAMETH (daughter of Johann Georg CLAMETH) born 1753.
Children of Johann Joseph KOLBE and Maria Theresia BILTZER: Johann Joseph KOLBE Franz Anton KOLBE Johann Benedikt KOLBE
Children of Johann Joseph KOLBE and (Eva) Maria CLAMETH: Johann Thomas KOLBE Johann Michael KOLBE baptised 28 June1742 Röwersdorf, buried 13 March 1793 Röwersdorf, married 1st 29 January 1771 Röwersdorf Susanna BUCHHEIBEL (daughter of Michael BUCHHEIBEL and Susanna UNKNOWN) baptised 31 July 1747 Röwersdorf, married 2nd Anna Maria SPERLING c1783.
Children of Johann Michael KOLBE and Susanna BUCHHEIBEL: Johann Michael KOLBE Georg KOLBE Franz KOLBE
Children of Johann Michael KOLBE and Anna Maria SPERLING: Michael KOLBE Maria Theresia KOLBE Eva Rosina KOLBE baptised 18 November 1744 Röwersdorf. Johann Georg KOLBE baptised 6 May 1747 Röwersdorf, married 11 January 1780 Röwersdorf Maria Josepha PESCHKE. Johann Andreas KOLBE baptised 30 November 1749 Röwersdorf. Maria Magdalena KOLBE baptised 30 May 1752 Röwersdorf, buried 21 April 1753 Röwersdorf. Johann Franz KOLBE baptised 7 May 1742 Röwersdorf, buried 4 September 1743 Röwersdorf. Johann Josef KOLBE baptised November 1743 Röwersdorf, buried 27 November 1744 Röwersdorf. Johann Heinrich Zacharius KOLBE baptised 10 April1745 Röwersdorf, buried 30 May 1745 Röwersdorf. Theofil KOLBE, farmer, baptised 19 January 1748 Röwersdorf, married 23 January 1774 Liebenthal Maria Elisabeth REICHEL (daughter of Anton REICHEL and Anna Maria BILTZER) born 23 January 1754 Liebenthal. Eva Rosina KOLBE baptised 1 January 1749 Röwersdorf, buried 23 June1750 Röwersdorf.

Kolbe house
Röwersdorf no. 207 (ex no. 159)
Kolbe house
Röwersdorf no. 132 (ex no. 104)
Kolbe house
Röwersdorf no. 143 (ex no. 113)
Kolbe house
Röwersdorf no. 116

6th Generation Johann Michael KOLBE baptised 15 October 1764 Röwersdorf, died before 1784. Michael KOLBE born March 1766, married 30 April 1795 Röwersdorf Johanna ZIRBS (daughter of Godfried ZIRBS) born December 1768 Röwersdorf, died 7 September 1823 Röwersdorf.
Children: Johann Michael KOLBE Maria Johanna KOLBE Maria Josepha KOLBE Michael KOLBE Anton KOLBE Josepha KOLBE Josepha KOLBE (son) KOLBE born 16 September 1768, died 16 September 1768 Röwersdorf. Maria Josepha KOLBE born June 1770, buried 6 September 1771 Röwersdorf. Franz Joseph KOLBE born January 1772, buried 14 November 1773 Röwersdorf. Maria Josepha KOLBE born 1775, 12 October 1776 Röwersdorf. Johann Anton KOLBE baptised 23 April 1783 Röwersdorf. Johann Michael KOLBE baptised 4 February 1784 Röwersdorf, married 20 October 1801 Röwersdorf Johanna DRÖ(G)SLER (daughter of Johann Joseph DRÖ(G)SLER and Theresia KNAPPE) born 1782, died 1 April 1843 Röwersdorf.
Children: Johanna KOLBE Johann Franz KOLBE Josepha KOLBE Franz Johann KOLBE Johann Joseph KOLBE baptised 16 November 1785 Röwersdorf. Josepha KOLBE baptised 10 January 1788 Röwersdorf. Johann Joseph KOLBE baptised 21 February 1771 Röwersdorf. Franz Anton KOLBE baptised 24 December 1773 Röwersdorf, buried 11 February 1778 Röwersdorf. Johann Benedikt KOLBE baptised 14 January 1775 Röwersdorf, buried 27 January 1775 Röwersdorf. Johann Thomas KOLBE baptised 12 December 1778 Röwersdorf. Johann Michael KOLBE baptised 1 October 1771 Röwersdorf. Georg KOLBE born 1776, buried 3 July 1791 Röwersdorf. Franz KOLBE born 1779 Röwersdorf, buried 11 August 1791 Röwersdorf. Michael KOLBE born c1784, married 1st 21 October 1806 Röwersdorf Franziska GROSS (daughter of Georg GROSS) born 1785, buried 20 October 1825 Röwersdorf, married 2nd 8 September 1828 Röwersdorf Franziska Josefa ERTEL (daughter of Josef Franz ERTEL and Maria Johanna GOLDEMUND) baptised 17 April 1792 Röwersdorf.
Children of Michael KOLBE and Franziska GROSS: Johann Michael KOLBE Franziska Theresia KOLBE Josef Johann KOLBE Maria Theresia KOLBE Johann Michael KOLBE Johanna KOLBE Peter Michael KOLBE Johann KOLBE Franz KOLBE
Children of Michael KOLBE and Franziska Josefa ERTEL: Johann KOLBE

School, 2007
Erbrichterei outbuilding, 2010
Röwersdorf centre, 2007
Röwersdorf centre
Röwersdorf station Maria Theresia KOLBE baptised 26 April 1790 Röwersdorf.

7th Generation Johann Michael KOLBE baptised 20 July 1795 Röwersdorf. Maria Johanna KOLBE baptised 29 December 1796 Röwersdorf. Maria Josepha KOLBE baptised 30 March 1799 Röwersdorf. Michael KOLBE baptised June 1801 Röwersdorf. Anton KOLBE baptised 31 January 1803 Röwersdorf. Josepha KOLBE baptised 3 August 1805 Röwersdorf. Josepha KOLBE baptised 5 May 1809 Röwersdorf. Johanna KOLBE baptised 7 March 1802 Röwersdorf, died 25 March 1802 Röwersdorf. Johann Franz KOLBE baptised 26 January 1804 Röwersdorf. Josepha KOLBE baptised 26 March 1806 Röwersdorf. Franz Johann KOLBE baptised 2 November 1808 Röwersdorf. Johann Michael KOLBE baptised 24 July 1807 Röwersdorf. Franziska Theresia KOLBE baptised 7 November 1808 Röwersdorf. Josef Johann KOLBE baptised 7 May 1810 Röwersdorf. Maria Theresia KOLBE baptised 5 April 1812 Röwersdorf. Johann Michael KOLBE baptised 13 January 1814 Röwersdorf. Johanna KOLBE baptised 25 December 1815 Röwersdorf. Peter Michael KOLBE baptised 22 February 1820 Röwersdorf, married 7 August 1843 Röwersdorf Karolina BRADEL (daughter of Albert BRADEL and Klara KNAPPE). Johann KOLBE baptised 10 January 1823 Röwersdorf, died January 29, 1823 Röwersdorf. Franz KOLBE baptised 31 December 1824 Röwersdorf. Johann KOLBE born 28 April 1829 Röwersdorf, died December 28, 1894 Znaim, Moravia, married 1st 5 June 1860 Röwersdorf Josefa BRADEL (daughter of Anton BRADEL and Theresia SCHWANCKE) baptised 20 September 1841 Röwersdorf, died c1871, married 2nd 21 May 1872 Röwersdorf Josefa Franziska GÖDEL (daughter of Franz GÖDEL and Josefa SCHWANCKE) born 27 July 1844 Röwersdorf, died 27 June 27, 1937 Mödring, Lower Austria.
Children of Johann KOLBE and Josefa BRADEL: Johann Alois KOLBE Aloys KOLBE Johann KOLBE Wilhelm KOLBE Josefa Maria KOLBE Josef Anton KOLBE
Children of Johann KOLBE and Josefa Franziska GÖDEL: Josef KOLBE Wilhelm KOLBE Alois KOLBE

Johann Kolbe, Maria Franz
and Johann Kolbe jr., c1901
Josef Kolbe and
Emilie Däubel, 1898
Kolbe family, Znaim, c1892
Josefa Kolbe and Julius Pawlik, c1890
Alois Kolbe and
Franziska Ludwig, 1902

8th Generation Johann Alois KOLBE born 21 June 1861 Röwersdorf. Aloys KOLBE born 2 October 1862 Röwersdorf. Johann KOLBE, headmaster, born 22 June 1864 Röwersdorf, died 24 April 24, 1940 Vienna, married 1st 1899 Maria FRANZ (daughter of Johann FRANZ and Karolina STEPHAN) teacher,born 30 March 1873 Troppau, died 19 December 1912 Vienna, married 2nd 21 July 1914 Vienna Elisabeth FRANZ (daughter of Johann FRANZ and Karolina STEPHAN) teacher, born 3 November 1877 Troppau, died after 1956 Vienna.
Children of Johann KOLBE and Maria FRANZ: Johann KOLBE
Children of Johann KOLBE and Elisabeth FRANZ: Elisabeth KOLBE Wilhelm KOLBE born 28 September 1866 Röwersdorf. Josefa Maria KOLBE born 3 April 1868 Röwersdorf, married Julius PAWLIK. Josef Anton KOLBE born 13 June 1871 Röwersdorf, died 1872 Röwersdorf. Josef KOLBE, Lieutenant Colonel, born 2 March 1873 Röwersdorf, died 5 August 1941 Vienna, married 21 September 1911 Fogarasch, Transylvania Emilie Elisabeth DÄUBEL (daughter of Paul Adolf DÄUBEL and Juliana Johana LANGER) born 4 November 1877 Fogarasch, Transylvania, died 21 November 1924 Horn, Lower Austria.
Children: Ilse KOLBE Kurt KOLBE Gerda KOLBE Wilhelm KOLBE born 16 June 1874 Röwersdorf, died 13 May 1876 Röwersdorf. Alois KOLBE, auditor, born 17 May 1879 Harth, Lower Austria, died 20 December 1956 Vienna, married 17 August 1902 Vienna Franziska LUDWIG (daughter of Eduard LUDWIG and Franziska SMISEK) born 16 May 1877 Waizenkirchen, Upper Austria, 14 died October 1945.
Children: Hertha KOLBE

9th Generation Johann KOLBE, economist, born 5 July 1900, died 8 September 8 1952, married 10 September 1946 Vienna Stefanie UNKNOWN, secretary, born 8 December 1913, died 10 November 1966. Elisabeth KOLBE, chemist, born 29 March 1915, died 17 September 2000 Vienna. Ilse KOLBE, teacher, born 14 September 1912 Fogarasch, Transylvania, died 25 September 1995 Hull, England, married 23 October 1947 Hull John Leslie PICKERING, credit trader, (son of Richard Alexander PICKERING and Mabel Elsie COULTISH) born 9 January 1911 Hull, died 17 August 1991 Cottingham, England.
Children: Judith PICKERING Hazel PICKERING Kurt KOLBE, timber exporter, 25 born February 1916 Horn, Lower Austria, died 13 November 1971 St. Johann im Pongau, Austria, married 9 February 1941 Vienna Mathilde BRODA (daughter of Andreas BRODA and Mathilde DOLESCHAL) born 31 July 1911 Vienna, died 12 November 2003 St. Johann im Pongau, Austria. Gerda KOLBE, insurance clerk, born 15 May 1920 Vienna, died 6 May 2005 Vienna, married 1st 1941 Vienna Unknown SCHMID, died 1947 Vienna, married 2nd 1 March 1951 Vienna Alfred MÜLLNER, lawyer, born 1 November 1921, died 19 October 2009 Vienna.

Ilse Kolbe and John Pickering, 1948
Kurt Kolbe and Mathilde Broda, 1940
Gerda Kolbe and Alfred Müllner, 1951 Hertha KOLBE, lawyer, born 26 March 1904 Atzenbrugg, Lower Austria, died 16 August 1975. married Maximilian EISENSTÄDTER, doctor, born 1907.

10th Generation Judith PICKERING, teacher, born 1948 Cottingham, England, died 2000 Hull, England. Hazel PICKERING, marketing analyst, born 1950 Cottingham, England.

Details on ancestors and events are available on request.